Development is all about the Design of words and images, being the “D” in the IDea™ process. Design formulates a unique expression based on the initial stage of Insight.

Whether these are initial ideas, raw concepts, tightly-plotted stories, illustrations, or other graphic materials, we may engage in development at any stage.

Our in-house development operations generate an overall world of expression from our initial insight. We strive to formulate the correct expression for each idea and raw concept in order to suit it best to its target audience. The same goes for development of initial insights purchased from others or developed in collaboration with other initiators. We want the ideas to be heard and seen. We want to design them with the clarity to best appeal to their audiences. We make sure words and images reflect precisely what they need to express.

Visit our News page to learn of past and current development projects.

Our development operations are focused on generating excitement, with a view to distributing content in all relevant formats. We both develop formats that spring organically from the properties’ content, and also suggest and generate adaptations of properties’ content in order to develop further formats, finding what makes a property great. Read more on these activities in our Licensing page.