Licensing is all about excitement within the world of words and images, having been developed from the initial insight, being the “e” in the IDea™ process. Excitement makes us want to spread the word (and image) formulated as a unique expression, based on the initial stage of Insight.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the core property, publishing, and licensed merchandise. Some publishing formats are media-driven, deriving from the core values of the content, and others are real world driven, deriving from market trends and requirements. We strive to cover all licensed products that are applicable. Innovation is a key factor in licensed publishing.

We live in exciting times, as we have never before experienced so much content across so many formats. The challenge lies in making all these formats appeal to different demographic groups, while offering the wide spectrum of formats to a specific audience.

Licensing strategies have been evolving. Just as the two businesses of printing and e-books have proved to complement each other well, subscriptions have been on the rise as a monetization model for e-books, video, apps and other digital content. Gaming properties have evolved as well, with the need to appeal to new audiences, by taking a more omni-channel approach consisting of web-based content, social media, feature films, and TV series, as well as promoting fan clubs, development of toys and licensed products.

We purchase and sell licensing rights across a variety of categories. We are engaged in a constant search for innovative content and new formats, believing that the continued evolvement of digital formats and distribution channels requires publishers and studios to take steps to meet these challenges.