A family of hero-snails was born in Bravya, a series being developed by vivID Ltd.

Well, not really a family, as they are certainly not related, but they are the main protagonists of the five books in the initial Bravya series. These form the foundation of the Bravian insight. These is the initial series, but the snails are with us to stay in the series to be developed into further publications and media.


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Even though snails are considered crawling creatures, the snails in Bravya move as though they’re skating quickly. All the snails in Bravya can skate along the ground, and along stems and leaves, like they’re on skateboards, or snowboards.

We have five snails: Branky, Rubin, Azur, Verdi and Yella


As I looked at the water, I saw it was clear
and pure. I saw my reflection. And then I
understood everything.

Branky, snail  “BRAVYA – Branky Discovers Water”

Bravya is a series developed by vivID Ltd.

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Avney, David (Author) | Weisberg, Galit (Illustrator)


Bravya – Branky Discovers Water

Bravya – Rubin Discovers Light

Bravya – Azur Discovers Space

Bravya – Verdi Discovers Air

Bravya – Yella Discovers Earth

Children & Young Adults, Fiction | Fantasy | Adventure | Behavioral Issues / Friendship
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A synopsis for an animated movie, closely based on the Bravya book series, is also available.

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